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Review LEPIN 20085 Rough Terrain Crane – Compatible LEGO 42082

review -20085-technic-rough-terrain-crane


Original information

  • Brand: LEPIN
  • Name: Rough Terrain Crane
  • No.: 20085
  • Listing Date: 2018
  • Number of parts: 4544
  • Ages: 6+

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Box photo

A super-giant set of boxes with the largest specifications.

This flagship has the same B mode as other models this year. If you want to experience another mode, you may have to buy one more one… (No one should remove the 4000+ parts and re-smash it)

Original information

No.: 42082

Name: Rough Terrain Crane

Listing date: 2018

Number of parts: 4057

Price: 299.99USD


The standard for the largest box, one for each of the AB boxes.

The handwritten English word is very low…

Instruction manual

A total of 2 special instructions, but all used in the A mode. If you want to fight the B mode, you have to download it from the official website of LEGO.

2 This manual stacks up faster than a person…

Fix one page.

There are a total of 13 sub-packages this time. Don’t think that there are not many sub-packages, you can finish them quickly. The assembly time is absolutely not much! I have been working together for 20 hours on and off. It’s a really scary set.


The printing color is a bit off, and the cutting is awkward.

In addition, the numbers in the pattern are modified.

Parts package

PF parts and spare parts.

Assembly process

This year’s technology series uses more colors to distinguish similar but different parts, which is especially noticeable in this complex structure! In addition, the use of different colors to identify the direction, can reduce the mistakes in assembly.

It has been found here that the material of the tire has changed, and in addition to becoming softer, the friction has improved a lot.

Friends who fight here believe that their fingers are starting to hurt? The main reason is this piece! This piece of music is very tight, and the qualified friends suggest that all be replaced …

The cross hole in the large special part of the middle turntable is also a bit tight.

After getting on the tires, the size basically came out.

Put my “special ruler” on it and compare it.

Then there is the assembly of the upper part.

After this step, the volume of the finished product has grown dramatically! It is a big challenge for my studio~~~

After the final subcontracting is completed, the domineering finished product appears in front of me! However, because the finished product is too large, the mobile phone can no longer be shot, so the next step is to change to a camera…

Finished multi-faceted photo

In this state, the length is 76cm…


As the technology flagship of the largest number of parts in history, there are too many details! So let’s use a photo instead of talking.

Above the figure below is the control mode, which is mainly divided into two parts: the boom and the car body.

The middle lever is used to control the movement of the boom.


This is how the boom is raised…

After stretching…

Full one meter high ah ah ah ah ~~~

A full set of shots.

to sum up

The flagship is really the flagship! In addition to the number of parts reached a record-breaking 4000+, the size and function belong to the overlord level, even if I want to take a photo of the camera, but also shoot the location!

The performance of large-scale technology in the past is not ideal, but what does this look like a good product? When the electric operation is not heard, the sound of the teeth is not heard again, and the switching in each mode is smooth, and the feeling of being reborn!

The biggest shortcoming can be said that the red belt shaft bolt mentioned above is too tight, because it is too tight, it adds a lot of difficulty and time to the assembly; in addition, the sticker cuts the point and makes this close to the perfect set. A little pity.

4.3/5 (7 Reviews)

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