Lepin is a Chinese manufacturer of knock-off Legos. Today, Lepin is becoming more and more popular ( especially Lepin Star Wars sets) for being cheap and bringing back sets LEGO no longer makes. As always, they had plenty of sets from their Star Wars line-up to show off. We will put together a list of some of their best sets you can buy right now to build out (or kick off!) your Lepin Star Wars Set List.

Lepin Star Wars Set List [Update June 2018]


Lepin SetProduct NamePieces  Lego Set  
05001Rey’s Speeder20675099
05002First Order Snowspeeder46675100
05003First Order Transporter84575103
05004Poe’s X-wing Fighter74875102
05005First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter56275101
05006Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle 1053 75104
05007Millenium Falcon138175105
05008Sith Infiltrator69875096
05009Battle on Takodana43875139
05010Resistance Troop Transporter67875140
05011 – 05016Microfighters Sets75028 – 75033
05017Resistance Troop Battle Pack13675131
05018Rebel Alliance Battle Pack11575133
05019Galactic Empire Battle Pack13475134
05020Obi Wan’s Jedi Interceptor22275135
05021Droid Escape Pod21975136
05022Carbonite Freezing Chamber25375137
05023Hoth Attack25775138
05024Kanan’s Speeder Bike25175141
05025Homing Spider Droid32075016
05026Death Star – UCS344910188
05027Imperial Star Destroyer – UCS325075055
05028Super Star Destroyer -UCS302810221
05029Resistance X-wing Fighter74075149
05030Vader’s TIE Fighter Vs. A-Wing72275150
05031Clone Turbo Tank93375151
05032Captain Rex’s AT-TE102275157
05033Millenium Falcon UCS526510179
05034Imperial Shuttle Tydirium380310143
05035Death Star II – UCS ( Old Version)380410188
05036TIE Fighter168575095
05037Slave I – UCS206775060
05038Sandcrawler – UCS334675059
05039Red Five  X-wing Starfighter – UCS158610240
05040Y-wing Attack Starfighter – UCS147310134
05041Republic Gunship117575021
05042Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser12008039
05044Intercept Star Fighter7037181
05045B-wing Starfigher – UCS212710225
05046Rebel Blockade Runner – UCS174810019
05047Ewok Village199010236
05048TIE Striker54375154
05049Krennics Imperial Shuttle86375156
05050Motorized Walking AT-AT113710178
05052Imperial AT-ST – UCS106810174
05053Republic Dropship with AT-OT Walker – UCS178810195
05054Rebel U-Wing Fighter67975155
05055Vader’s TIE Advanced121210175
05057Imperial Shuttle Tydirium93775094
05060Naboo Starfighte18710026
05062Imperial Star Destroyer139175055
05063Death Star II – UCS401675159
05065Y-Wing Starfighter69175172
05066AT-ST Walker47175173
05069Trade Federation MTT13387662
05070Republic Cruiser (Limited Edition – with R2-R7)9637665
05072The Malevolence11929515
05077Republic Cruiser Venator – UCS6125MOC
05083Redemption – Nebulon-B Escort Frigate1736MOC
05084Snowspeeder – UCS170475144
05090The Jabba`s Sail Barge82175020

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LEPIN 05077 The UCS Rupblic Destroyer Cruiser ST04

USD 250.45

LEPIN 05132 Ultimate Millenium Falcon

USD 245.45 USD 225.45

LEPIN 05033 Ultimate Millennium Falcon

USD 160.45

Lepin Star Wars Destroyer 05027

USD 137.55

LEPIN 05026 Death Star

USD 131.75

LEPIN 05035 Death Star Old version

USD 119.45

LEPIN 05028 Execytor Destroyer

USD 114.45


USD 140.65 USD 110.65

LEPIN STAR WARS – LEPIN 05038 Sandcrawler

USD 108.45

LEPIN 05046 The Star Blockade Runner

USD 94.50

LEPIN 05034 The Fighting Shuttle

USD 92.45


USD 91.00

LEPIN 05037 UCS The Slave

USD 90.95

LEPIN STAR WARS – LEPIN 05053 Republic Dropship with AT-OT Walker

USD 85.75

LEPIN 05050 AT Model AT AT Motorized

USD 85.45

LEPIN 05047 The E work Village

USD 82.75

LEPIN 05039 The X Wing Red Fighter

USD 79.75

LEPIN 05045 The B Wing Star Fighter

USD 79.75

LEPIN 05069 The Federation Transportation Tank

USD 79.45

LEPIN 05040 The Y Wing Attack Fighter

USD 78.75

LEPIN 05043 R2-D2 Robot

4.81 out of 5
USD 76.45

LEPIN 05084 The Snowspeeder

USD 75.55

LEPIN 05083 MOC The Nebulon Model B

USD 74.75

LEPIN 05062 Imperial Star Destroyer

USD 72.45

LEPIN 05042 The Republic Fighting Cruiser

USD 67.45

LEPIN 05072 Malevolence Flagship

USD 67.45

LEPIN 05041 The Republic Model Gunship

USD 64.95

LEPIN 05070 The Republic Cruiser

USD 64.95

LEPIN 05131 The First Order Destroyer

USD 64.85

LEPIN 05055 Vader’s TIE Advanced UCS

USD 64.75

LEPIN 05128 BB-8 Robot

USD 56.45

LEPIN 05051 The AT AT

USD 54.95

LEPIN 05057 The Imperial Shuttle Tydirium

USD 53.45

LEPIN 05142 Kessel Run Millennium Falcon

USD 52.45

LEPIN 05049 The Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle

USD 50.75

LEPIN 05044 Limited Edition The Tie Interceptor

USD 50.00

LEPIN 05085 The Jedi Defender Classic

USD 47.75

LEPIN Millennium Falcon 05007

USD 47.45

LEPIN 05065 The Y Model Wing Star Fighter

USD 46.95

LEPIN 05054 The U Model Wing Fighter

USD 46.45

LEPIN 05129 The Resistance Bomber

USD 45.05

LEPIN 05090 Jabba’s Sail Barge

USD 44.95

LEPIN 05006 The Command Shuttle

USD 44.45

LEPIN 05031 Clone Turbo Model Tank

USD 44.00

LEPIN 05048 The Tie Striker

USD 42.75

LEPIN 05121 The Starfighter With Hyperdrive

USD 42.75

LEPIN 05113 Genuine The Arrow Head

USD 41.45

LEPIN 05032 The Captain Rex’s AT-TE

USD 40.00

LEPIN 05029 The X Wing Fighter

USD 39.95

LEPIN 05030 Vader Tie Advanced VS

USD 38.45

LEPIN 05008 The Force Awakens Sith Infiltrator

USD 37.45

LEPIN 05060 UCS Naboo Star Fighter

USD 36.95

LEPIN 05112 The Tracker Fighter

USD 36.85

LEPIN 05004 The First Order X Model Wing Fighter

USD 36.60

LEPIN 05111 The JA Quadjumper

USD 35.15

LEPIN 05066 The Rogue One AT Model ST

USD 34.95

LEPIN 05005 The First Order TIE Fighter

USD 34.45

LEPIN 05001 The Force Awaken Rey’s Speeder Assembled kid compatible with 75099

USD 4.00
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