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Review LEPIN 05033 Ultimate Millennium Falcon UCS – Compatible with LEGO 10179


Original information

✔Brand Name: LEPIN
✔ Item No: 05033
✔Compatible: LEGO 10179
✔Pieces: 6265
✔Ages:  16 years and above 

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Fit: Minus the two technic pieces everything goes together very well. There are sections that could have us screaming in frustration if the tolerances were off, but everything clicked together VERY WELL. When bringing together the larger sections of the base together I never had any issues.

Brick Quality: Amazing. Minus the very rare piece over 8500, everything was snug and firm. I’ve honestly forgotten all about LEGO. It only takes about 30 bricks before you’re won over and stop thinking “Are these bricks going to be ok”. You’ll know it will be solid as soon as you start.

Value: For about $200 you get 4 or 5 small modular builds and 2 or 3 larger ones. It’s a giant build with a lot of neat details. There is nothing too challenging, and all the instructions are laid out nicely. It may seem to be overwhelming but LEPIN/LEGO walks you through it very well.

Sticker Quality: Fantastic. I know their older sets amounted to the equivalent of single ply toilet paper, but these babies are charmin ultra. The quality of Lepin stickers has been on the rise for about 8 months. Many of their newer sets have top notch sticker quality.

Missing Pieces: 12 (though I’m not certain how many were me dropping/losing pieces)

Summary: For those that just want a wrap up; here we go: Go buy it. For 1/4 of the LEGO price it’s too great a build not to. It’s a beautiful reproduction and LEPIN really stepped up their game. I was genuinely disappointed in the few missing pieces, however.

2.8/5 (5 Reviews)

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