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Review LEPIN 05046 Rebel Blockade Runner – UCS | Compatible with LEGO 10019


Original information

✔Brand Name: LEPIN

✔ Item No: 05046

✔Compatible: LEGO 10019 (Retired in 2001)

✔Pieces: 2503

✔Ages:  14 years and above

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Manual Instruction

The LEPIN sticker sheets are usually pretty accurate in terms of color reproduction. This set has a strange greenish tint where a darker gray would have been in the original. It’s not terrible, but still slightly more noticeable in person.

11 Huge engines to the rear to provide full thrust for a diplomatic escorting mission.

Some of the locking pin pieces that LEPIN produces are very difficult to insert into their sockets. These bottom-fit pieces appear to be the worst.

There’s also no particularly robust way of connecting the mid and rear sections. I found it best to open the inner-most flaps and apply pressure internally.

The finished product, sans stickers. I have to say this is one of my favorite UCS ships, and Lepin’s reproduction is fantastic. While some substitutions were made, I can safely say that there were no truly “missing” or deformed pieces.

4.3/5 (3 Reviews)

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