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Review LEPIN 15001 Brick Bank – Compatible with LEGO 10251


Original information

✔Brand Name: LEPIN

✔ Item No: 15001

✔Compatible: LEGO 10251 (Retired)

✔Pieces: 2413

✔Ages: 16 years and above

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Box photo

The box should be the same as the old one.


There are a total of 2 inner boxes, and the bottom plate does not have any packaging.

Instruction manual

There is no new printing due to subcontracting.

Just added this paper is…

Assembly process

After step-by-step subcontracting, it’s much easier to find things!

It can be seen that the bottom plate has a slight tilt.

The “BRIC” piece is still the same.

In addition, I found the “signature pen” wrong.

The last component package~

The problem of unsupported arch bricks has improved!


The people who had replaced the hair before were all restored, but the main face of the classic smile was printed low. (Is it intentional?)

Finished multi-faceted photo 

From this point of view, the parts of Lepin are much better than the worst time, and most of them are smooth and flat. However, the dark green part has obvious color difference.

Details section

The “BRIC” piece is still a dead hole. But the transparent pieces are relatively transparent.

The pants on the laundry signboard are very loose.

Although the transparent parts are transparent, but the feeling is not smooth? Some windows have obvious scratches.

Floor details 

The quality of the parts is seen from the glare of the brick surface and it is indeed picking up.

Since I entered 2 sets in the first edition, plus this new sub-package, I can make a 3-in-1 version with no brains! I feel that the architectural design of the bank can accept this superposition.

That is, the fence part is a bit illegal…

The previous two sets of full-fledged weather cream (?), the appearance of the obvious yellow parts.

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