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Review LEPIN 15002 Café Corner – Compatible with LEGO 10182


Original information

✔Brand Name: LEPIN

✔ Item No: 15002

✔Compatible: LEGO 10182 (Retired)

✔Pieces: 2133

✔Ages: 16 years and above

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Box photo


The AB inner box is standard.

Instruction manual

Wrinkled into this ghost look, I feel pitiful when I look…

Fortunately, only the cover of the disaster…

Subcontracting diagram.

From this set, we can see what the design of the Street View series is at the beginning. We can also compare the new products with the present, and thus feel that Lego has also achieved continuous improvement to reach today’s level.

Like this bottom plate, it used to be divided into two (but it may be called two in one…)

A total of 3 sub-packages, and the styles of the future are probably the same, one sub-package per layer. Therefore, as a piece of the first floor, there will be a lot more.

Assembly process

The pipe here is not the right size (too long). The pipe is used to support the decorative brick under the arch, but the part of the piece is also tight enough, so I didn’t use it.

The same problem also appeared on the decoration of the door, but this affects the appearance too much, so it can only be traced… cut it… one hundred…

Probably cut the length of 5 units.

Since the skis are not restored, the distance between the plates and the plates must be adjusted.

I still didn’t see the door.

carry on!



Restore all

(The expression is deliberately arrogant, the goal is to die obsessive-compulsive disorder)

Finished multi-faceted photo

Details section

There are no restored door pieces, and there is no way to reproduce the essence.

At the bottom of the teahouse, 1×1 hell , while fighting to be neat, it takes a little time.

It is possible to see the quality of the parts from the huge signboard.

The split-and-split design that has been used so far is very popular.

Unfortunately, there was no interior design.

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