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Review LEPIN 15003 The Town Hall – Compatible with LEGO 10224


Original information

✔Brand Name: LEPIN
✔ Item No: 15003
✔Compatible: LEGO 10224
✔Pieces: 2859
✔Ages:  8 years and above 

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Box photo

The box is oversized…


Two inner boxes and one bottom plate.

Instruction manual

Got the subcontracting instructions!

However, it is a little less than the 3,000 bricks divided into 3 steps…

Assembly process

The bottom plate changes back to the normal thin section.

Spare bricks and panels in sub-packages 2 and 3.

Subcontracting one

Very many pieces…

Subcontracting two

a relatively comfortable stage…

Subcontract three

Going back to a lot of environments!


The classic smiles are all printed, and there is still a hair replacement.

Finished multi-faceted photo

The height of the city hall is 50cm, and friends who do not have this height in the cabinet should pay attention.

Details section

Look at the quality of parts from a recent photo~

With this set, I have a total of 3 sets of city halls…

How should I play well?

First try to level the pendulum~

It feels like P is coming out…

Then try to raise it?

not bad? Add another layer to see?

Still acceptable? It’s better to come together.

Too high even the photos are distorted

to sum up

I personally think that the City Hall is the most suitable for killing meat in such a variety of street scenes, because there are many basic bricks for construction, as well as a large number of windows, doors, etc. It is most convenient and quick to kill the moc building!

Speaking back to this set of re-publishing, the parts are basically all restored, and the quality is acceptable.

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