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Review LEPIN 15006 Palace Cinema – Compatible LEGO 10232


Original information

✔Brand Name: LEPIN
✔ Item No: 15006
✔Compatible: LEGO 10232
✔Pieces: 2354
✔Ages:  16 years and above 

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Box photo


Familiar AB box.

Instruction manual

The estimated content is the same as the first version because it contains the paper…


I’ve been very worried that this set of stickers will ruin these “posters”.

But seeing this quality has nothing to say.

Deliberately sent the used state diagram,

The accuracy of this cut is not like the fun!

Red bottom plate, quite rare.

Assembly process

A total of 3 steps are subcontracted, and the first floor of the convention is the most.

International practice, first look at people~

All the people are restored.


Luxury car

Although this is the design of 2013, it is not very good…

Especially the wheels don’t seem to match the feeling…

Although the transparent round grains that used to be used in the past were very transparent, they were very brittle, and the clarity of the set was slightly reduced, but no cracking was found.

Theater multi-faceted

Details section

The design of the Grand Theatre is very eye-catching, and this main entrance is definitely one of the reasons!

Featured posters, the degree of restoration is super high! Praise!

This giant signboard is difficult to assemble. It is estimated that the tolerances of the small parts of various types are superimposed and the difference in size is increased. If you look at it, you will see a bit of distortion.

Smooth outer surface

The top looks very comfortable too.

Layered design.

Interior details

There is basically nothing on the roof…

to sum up

The finish of this piece is quite high and the quality of the parts is very good.

I personally think that this set is a turning point in the design of the Street View series. Many of the details of the streetscape are seen in this set, so if you want to experience the changes in the Street View series, you will get the answer in this Grand Theatre.

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