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Review LEPIN 15007 Market Street – Compatible LEGO 10190


Original information

✔Brand Name: LEPIN
✔ Item No: 15007
✔Compatible: LEGO 10190
✔Pieces: 1275
✔Ages: 8 years and above 

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Box photo


Instruction manual

Since the original version is also without step-by-step subcontracting, it is of course not a superfluous addition to the “loyalty to the original”. There are more than 1000 parts in the district without sub-packaging. It is not difficult to assemble!


Finished multi-faceted photo

Details section

The market segment is extremely rudimentary from today’s aesthetic perspective.

This killing Matt’s “green head” may be a bright spot?

In addition to the stairs, the rest of the house is a bit ordinary, and the rest are ordinary and can no longer be ordinary.

Layered design is one of the signs of streetscape, but this set has no interior, I believe it is left to us to play on its own? Feel that joining the Star Fortress interiors will be quite good?

It’s just the inconvenient stairs…

to sum up

Although this set is summarized in the Street View series, it actually has a big gap at all levels. The quality of the parts that you can play can be seen in the picture.

Overall, this set is for people who want to collect all the Street View series…

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