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Review LEPIN 15008 Green Grocery – Compatible LEGO 10185


Original information

✔Brand Name: LEPIN
✔ Item No: 15008
✔Compatible: LEGO 10185
✔Pieces: 2464
✔Ages:  16 years and above 

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Box photo


AB inner box.

Instruction manual

The re-released version adds step subcontracting.

Assembly process


Except for the extremely rare hairstyle that has not been restored, the other basics are exactly the same.

The hairstyle on the right side of the picture below is replaced.

Finished multi-faceted photo

Do not look tired of the appearance, many friends should be because of it into the street scene pit?

From the perspective of the surface of the part, the surface of some parts is not very flat.

Details section

Let’s judge the quality of a big family photo~

Layered design. However, except for the grocery store on the first floor , the rest of the floors have almost no interior.

to sum up

In addition to the addition of step subcontracting, the re-publishing also replaced the building with zero, which is very good! My personal evaluation of the green is very high, in addition to its historical status, this set has a large number of sand green base bricks that can be forced to improve, there are a lot of roof tiles, so whether it is collecting or killing Meat is an ideal set!

In addition, I also have a deep affection for the green miscellaneous. The reason is that the people and things I encountered when I re-enacted this set have had a profound impact on me. It can be said that there is no me now without greens! This is a set of meaningful sets!

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