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Review LEPIN 16052 Hogwarts Great Hall – Compatible with LEGO 75954

Original information

✔Brand Name: LEPIN

✔ Item No: 16052

✔Compatible: LEGO 75954

✔Pieces: 983

✔Ages: 6 years and above

Box photo


Instruction manual


This set has 2 kinds of stickers, of which the reflective effect of the silver bottom is good!

Assembly process

International practice, first look at people~

Several characters have their hair replaced.

Haig addition to hair has mold ah!


The shape is a bit simple…

Chandeliers in the boat, in addition to Hedwig and Scabbers .

Finished multi-faceted photo


The 1x1x5 long bricks are a little bigger.

The new (?) square grid window frame is restored.

Go to the most attractive interior part of this set!

The flame pieces are still not restored.

The hanging banner can be flipped.

The tower section uses a stairway that can be collected.

Rich interiors in all floors. Transparent pieces perform very well!

Eris mirror.

You can take it down and replace the image in the mirror (4 models in total).

After seeing the mirror scored Phoenix Fox ( Fawkes ) later.

Take a picture~

to sum up

I personally think that this set is more attractive than the big castle. The main reason is of course that I prefer the proportion of people!

Speaking back to this set, most places can be restored. Due to the good design of the original version, the version of the music did not find much problem.

It is a pity that it is a pity that people can’t avoid substitution.

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