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Review of LEPIN 15005 Grand Emporium – Compatible of LEGO 10211


Original information

✔Brand Name: LEPIN
✔ Item No: 15005
✔Compatible: LEGO 10211
✔Pieces: 2232
✔Ages:  16 years and above 

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Box photo


ngela B aby inner box + bottom plate

Instruction manual

As with the first version, just add a sub-package instruction sheet.

Parts package

When you see these transparent pieces, you know that the large transparent pieces on the roof are still not restored…

Assembly process

In addition to the tweet, it was said that the large transparent pieces were not restored, and the rope pieces of the external wall cleaner ‘s hanging ladder were still not integrated.

The structure is not complicated at all, but there are quite a lot of repetitions.


Both have been restored.

Finished multi-faceted photo

The bottom plate is quite sharp.

From the flatness of the outer wall, it can be seen that the quality of the parts is not perfect.

Details section

Take a closer look at the performance of the parts.

Hierarchical structure.

Although it is a department store , there are only 20 items displayed…

This revolving door was a very innovative design in the past.

However, the “holes” on both sides of the outer wall seem to be unsightly.

back door.

This is the design eight years ago, and it is empty.

The 3rd floor is similar, just a chandelier…

The transparency of the chandelier is not very high.

to sum up

The theme of the department store is indeed an indispensable part of the streetscape. However, due to the design level of the year, the interior is seriously inadequate. However, this “blank part” can just be played by everyone, and it can be regarded as a way of reflecting the creativity of building blocks. Let’s go!

For the complex scale, the rest of the building is 100% re-engraved, but the quality of the parts is not perfect, but it is still acceptable.

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