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Review XINGBAO XB-03027 The All Terrain Vehicle

Original information

✔Brand Name: XingBao

✔ Item No: XB-03027

✔Compatible: MOC

✔Pieces: 466

✔Ages: 6 years and above

Box photo

Many friends have said that the design of this color box is not good, especially the use of the background color. I think the main reason is that the silver bottom is too robbed and cannot highlight the main body.

The back of the box is the active part of the kit.

Finished product size parameters (why will use CARTON to indicate ⋯⋯)

Instruction manual

Assembly process

There are steps to subcontract, a total of 2 large steps.

This is subcontracted one.

Chassis structure.


International practice, first look at people~

The Starbucks Supercar series is a self-created version of the following parts:

When assembled, the difference between the Lego and the Lego is the shape of the leg.

Star Fort’s arm adds a movable angle.

Compare with Lego people~

The main difference is that in this leg, the part that is inserted into the body is narrower than Lego.

In terms of mutual matching, Starbucks’s people can’t use Lego’s style…

Finished multi-faceted photo


There are no stickers in the whole set, and the patterns are all printed! The handicapped party gospel!

The bite of the bricks is obviously insufficient. When many parts are assembled, they will be automatically released, and there will be gaps everywhere.

The door is connected with an arm piece and is not secure.

After the roof cover is opened, I don’t see the driver’s seat, so it’s not easy to put people in.

The clarity of the transparent parts is very high!

It is a pity that the price is very fragile. If it is put together, it will be cracked. If it is serious, it will be as follows…

The design of the inverted mirror is good!

The tailgate can also be opened.

I saw a lot of space inside, but unfortunately there was no easy-open design at the top, which was not convenient when playing.

The chassis is the most important part of the Western Expedition. The eight wheels are suspended and turned. They can walk on all kinds of rugged terrain. It is very powerful!

Instead, taking the straight line on the flat is the hardest…

Come to a beautiful photo~

to sum up

This set of simple is a good set that was almost destroyed by the box…

The shape, proportion, etc. are very good, and friends who like to collect cars can’t miss it.

Unfortunately, the excellent design and the increasingly unsatisfactory parts, the front of the Star Fortress is really worrying.

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