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Unbox & Review Loz Diamond Blocks 9373 – Daming Palace

Unbox Loz Diamond Blocks 9373

Loz Diamond Blocks 9373 – Daming Palace

Tower Bridge

Architecture series of Loz block It is Daemyung Palace of China.

It is a product with 740 pieces and three different buildings of different sizes.

Loz Diamond Blocks 9373

Inside the box Loz Diamond Blocks 9373

Unbox Loz Diamond Blocks 9373This assembly really has challenged my patience. You will have to concentrate on assembling this model. And just start assembling

I always think, but making plates is the most annoying. I made a half because I made a version …

I did not cry as much as Tower Bridge, so I made it with ease and passed it.

It is the base part.

If you make a mistake while making this, it is very hard to subtract, so I try to concentrate in the beginning.

It looks like it’s in the ruins …

And start building from big building

Each building is divided into three parts: a base, a room with a pillar, and a roof.

Large building base


Large building interior (pillars)

Large building interior (upstairs)

Roof (I took one block off the top left corner)


It becomes a ladder image shape. I made more detail than I thought it is alive.

Middle building base

Middle building interior

Middle building roof

The middle building combination!

Completion shot of the middle building.

Compared to a big building, it looks like this.

Small building is so small (Yes, it’s getting tiresome.)

A small building is poor …

The remaining bulk block filled the interior and strengthened it more firmly.

The base was reinforced in the same way.

Small building combination! (Assembly state is a monotonous design)

Small buildings are a must.

Daddy’s building Mom’s building Baby’s building (think of three bears singing)


Unbox Loz Diamond Blocks 9373

Compare on the box.

This is loz diamond blocks building preferred.

The quality is higher than I thought.

At least I am more satisfied than the Tower Bridge. The color scheme is pretty.

Oh, and there’s a yellow block on the ins in the green …

Even if it says like a cake, it understands it as well … It is assembled in yellow to know.

I do not know if the print status is strange or it is the fault of the Instance itself.

I would personally recommend this product among architectural products.

Item specifics

  • Brand Name:LOZ
  • Type:Blocks
  • Certification:3C
  • Plastic Block Shape:Self-Locking Bricks
  • Warning:Can Not Eat
  • Barcode:No
  • 3C:Certificate
  • Gender:Unisex
  • Plastic Type:ABS
  • Material:Plastic
  • Age Range:> 6 years old
  • Model Number:9373
  • Classification:Assemblage

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5/5 (1 Review)

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