Why Goku and Vegeta are the strongest Saiyans in history?

The Saiyans are known to be powerful warriors, but only when they are nearing extinction are they really powerful.

Anyone who reads Dragon Ball Z knows that Saiyans are strong at birth. Over time and practice, they become stronger. The two main characters, Son goku and Vegeta, are from the ordinary Saiyans who have become the most powerful of the galaxies. However, it seems that only these two characters and their children become stronger, and the Saiyans never reach this level. What is the reason? 

First of all, let’s talk a little about the power of two of the strongest Saiyans, King Vegeta, Vegeta’s father, and Goku’s father Bardock. Both are very talented and are on the top of Saiyan warriors. When defeated by Frieza, Bardock has more than 10,000 strong points. The King Vegeta is capable of destroying three planets at once. Obviously, if you compare the strength from the beginning, the two sons are not equal to their father. 

However, later, Goku and Vegeta have encountered many surprises that made them stronger. They died many times, and both of them lost their tails – Saiyan’s weakness.

Bardock, King Vegeta, as well as Saiyans dont know about dragon balls. They are all mercenaries working for Frieza, all they do is destroying the weaker and then be killed by Frieza. Therefore, although they are very strong, their abilities do not increased by training or fighting with stronger ones, and then becoming Super Saiyan like Goku and Vegeta.

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The difference is the tail of the Saiyan, and Vegeta is the best evidence for this. Since childhood, he was able to destroy planets and other civilizations despite the power of only 18,000. 

After over 20 years of training and fighting, Vegeta didn’t win the Ginyu Force. 

However, after the tail was cut on Earth, Vegeta suddenly changed. His strength in Planet Namek is 100,000, which is just one year since losing the battle. Apparently, no tail has made a huge difference.

There are other factors that can be considered, but these two factors are too important to talk about why Bardock and King Vegeta can not compare to two children, or at least reached the Super Saiyan level as the two main characters.

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